Friday, 3 February 2012

:: Erstwhile Jewelry Co. -- Gorgeous Engagement Rings ::

Discovered this little gem just recently and fell in love with their engagement rings..

Pronounced: [urst-hwahyl]
First used in 1560-70

1. former, of times past: erstwhile friends
2. archaic, formerly

Synonyms: bygone, past, previous

J.S. Klusner, son of fourth generation owner of Erstwhile Jewellery Co, scours the world for rare one-of-a-kind pieces. He has a unique ability to spot the exotic and unique amongst the dross of metals and gems.

He specialises in specific eras of bygone times - 19th century Victorian, turn of the century Edwardian, French Art Nouveau, Art Deco and Retro 40's.

J.S. Klusner is now offering his curated pieces to the public and there is great can buy them online!! ...although its a great excuse to go to NYC to try a few on!! :)

 a personal fave! names on this one :)
1.42 Carat Pear Shaped Diamond
Antique Engagement Ring

 .65 Carat Old European Cut Diamond
Art Deco Engagement Ring

 1.40 Transitional-Cut Diamond and Pearl Crossover
Engagement Ring

.95 Carat Marquise Diamond
Antique Engagement Ring

The expensive one of the bunch...worth $20,000
1.75 Carat Old European Cut Diamond
Engagement Ring by Raymond C. yard
.....worth $20 000

1.45 Old Cushion Cut Diamond
Engagement Ring

.70 Carat Old European Cut Diamond
Engagement Ring

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