Tuesday, 12 June 2012

::: {Introducing...} James Day Photography :::

James Day....what an amazing human being and a stella photographer!

I first made contact with James after I seen the amazing photos he took of one of my stunning brides, Caroline, on her wedding day. I just fell in love and complete awe of the images and moments he captures. We then joined forces on a few things for my One Fine Day stand and what a lovely, kind-hearted and supportive human being! I have nothing but praise and high recommendation for this man to photograph those special moments in your life!

Caroline & Mark - Headpiece by Teeki 

I hope you enjoy the selection of photos I have hand picked from his blog...scroll down and be A^MAZED!!!

Ruth & Nick’s wedding in Warwick 

An amazing sunset in Bali recently


I quizzed James to get a little more insight for my readers...

How long have you been taking photos?
I've been photographing professionally for 11 years, however, looking back, the images I was creating 11 years ago weren't so professional looking. :-)

When did you begin your venture into wedding photography and "photographing people in love"?I began photographing weddings 8 years ago, after I was asked by the receptionist at the dentist I went to if I could photograph her wedding. I thought I majorly screwed it up because it looked so different to everything else I saw in wedding magazines, but they loved it and seemed to know everyone in the town I was living in. In no time at all I was fully booked. Crazy.

 A wedding in Melbourne

What do you love most about being a part of the wedding industry?
I'm actually not big on the industry side of things, but I do love photographing people in love and freezing moments in time to take people back to a time and place where they felt incredibly loved.

When you were little, what did you want to be when you grew up?
I either wanted to be the basketball player Charles Barkley or the cricketer Shane Warne. It depended what time of year it was.

Anne & Tom's Palm Beach Wedding

James has found a passion for portrait photography -- The beautiful Mila

What do you want to achieve in the next 10 years? Where do you want to be?
In 10 years I want to be fully enjoying the present moment, and looking back on beautiful memories, just like I am now.

What is your favourite photo captured at this moment and why?  
This image:

Such a beautiful, soft, tender moment of appreciation. The lady in the image passed away just a couple of weeks after this image was taken, and on this day, enjoyed watching her granddaughter walk down the aisle at this very moment the image was taken. It was because of this lady that they were there that day. She set it all up, without realising it, with the decisions she made in her life.

Something you cant live without?
Chocolate. I've tried living without it. I started wasting away.

Katie & Chris wed in Tamworth 

Josh & Camilla wed in Red Hill, Melbourne 

Describe your photographic style.
I've been trying to do this very thing for years, and I cannot. It changes every time a different person is in front of my camera. I find my style depends so strongly on the style of the people I'm working with. I do love simplicity, honesty and for my images to look more like a memory, than a photograph however.

Jason & Rebecca  -- some media shots for the married couple

Words of advice for the couple on their wedding day?
Do it your way. Spend more time building a strong marriage than planning your wedding. You'll find the wedding day will be a breeze then and you and your partner are more likely to be on the same page too!

"I appreciate you, my clients, who have made my dreams my reality."
James Day.

Keep up the amazing work James - I am a big fan!!

Love and sunshine,

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